Bricke'n Pieces

lub rally

JHE third, great Annual Club Rally Day this year will be held in Leeds on junday 9th August in the Bond St.


Shopping Centre. It should be another fantastic day for all those members who can get there.

Why Leeds? For two reasons:

First, after holding one Rally in Birmingham in 1979 and the second in Milton Keynes last year, we had lots of letters from members saying could we please hhave one in Exeter or Cardiff or Edinburgh ete. Well, we certainly agree that itis a good idea to move around to different parts of the country to give as many members as possible @ chance of coming. We cannot be everywhere of course, but at least this year many members from Yorkshire and Lancashire will find it fairly easy to get to Leeds by rail or motorway

‘The second reason is that we are mounting abig "LEGO World” exhibition in the Bond St. Centre in Leeds for the whole month of August. This will include many fantastic LEGO displays, a building area and special projects for things to do and see. So it makes sense to hold the Club Rally there, but on a Sunday when it will be open specially for ‘Club members only.

Rally Day will start at 10 a.m. and finish at 4 p.m., so you can spend a few hours or the whole day there if you like.

If it is @ nice day and if we can get Permission from the Leeds Police, we could even build models in the pedestrianised street which adjoins the Bond St. Centre. It would be fun to build a long model all down the centre of a city street!

‘There will be special Club Rally souvenirs to buy and thousands of other LEGO fans to meet, including Club President Clive Nicholls, and LEGO's chief model designer David Lyall. So it should be a great day out for everyone. We hope you can come and join in the fun,

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(Ody forward to mecting you there:

CLIVE NICHOLLS (Club President)

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HOW TO GET THERE ‘The Bond St. hopping Centre sight inthe middle of Leeds alongside City Square and Just across the road from the main railway Station, soit is easy t0 find,


Wortgate The Headrow t < ti <=} Alungle scone and Castle Howard, Yorshire's stateliest home, both built from LEGO bricks. (ee dusttwo ofthe many displays tobe seen atthe eS

LEGO World show in Leeds in August


Here's « great idea you can take part in on the Rally Day—design and bring with you a LEGO machine, powered by a rubber band only, which will travel a marked course.

We will run contest to see which machine can travel farthest within a 6-foot wide course. Remember, the object is to achieve distance over a straight course rather than speed,

The only rules are that apart from a single rubber band (of any size you like) the ‘machine must be built entirely of LEGO Gamponents and no gluing. of bricks is There will be a cash prize of £10 for the winning machine and a photograph in the next Club magazine of course. ‘There isa real challenge to your ingenuity so you had better start building and testing.

For train enthusiasts, the biggest, most exciting LEGO news of 1981 must be the entirely new

LEGO Electric Railv:

keep an eye open for them.

Ifyoualready havea LEGO Train you will, find that you can use it together with the new sets for they have the same gauge. Even the existing rails can be joined onto the new ones,

. These super new sets will start appearing

the shops in August so

fe now in a more realistic grey colour and have anew locking clip on the sleeper for greater stability

Apart from greater realism and detail in the models, the two things which make the new LEGO Railways more exciting are: (1) You can choose Electric (12-volt) or

Battery (44-volt) systems. The new trains are scaled to LEGOLAND figures, so now you can hhave passengers inside the restaurant car and passenger carriages, or as a driver in the cab.


However, there are many other exciting developments, particularly in the Electric system, for this means you can have lights in your locos and carriages and remote ‘controlled points and signal lights which add a lot of extra play value. And, of course, as with all LEGO sets, you can re-build and e-style your models to suit your ideas of what sort of trains you want. Thisalso means that if you forget to set your signals correctly \d end up with a head-on collision between ‘wo trains, well, no matter, for no harm will ‘come to them and you can easily re-build them,


The great thing about LEGO Railwaysisthat they are so simple to build and play with. But here are answerstosome ofthe questions you may have

What are the advantages of the Battery and Electric systems?

Battery Trainsare the simplest ofall, Theyare cheapér to buy (no need for a transformer) ‘but more expensive to run (cast of replacing batteries). They do not allow for remote control of the engine, signals or points, all these functions must be done manually Electric Trains offer greater play value. They wre more expensive to buy (a 12-volt transformer must be added) but cheaper to run (no batteries to replace). The system also

allows for remote control of the engine, of signal ightsand of pointschanging, The trains can also have interior lighting,

What is the best way to start a Battery Train system?

Buy set7 HPII size

0 plus three 1-5 volt batteriese.g

‘What is the best way to start an Electric Train stem?

Buy set 7725 0F7740 plus the LEGO 12-volt ansformer 7864

Can 1 use any other 12-volt Transformer with, LEGO Railways?


and NO. Other transformers will operate the train but only the LEGO transformer 7864 fils the remote control panels for electric points and signals.

Are the new LEGO Railways compatible with previous LEGO Trains?

YES the rolling stock is interchangeable and the old track (blue) ean be joined onto the new track (grey) though the newsleepers can only be used with the new track

Can remote controlled Signals and Points be used with the Battery Trains?

NO only with the electric trains, using the 12-volt transformer 7864

What do I need for remote controlled Signals and Points?

For remote controlled signals, add set 7860 which includes isolating track to halt the train, automatically when you switch the light to red.

For remote controlled points, add points motor set 7863 to the manually operated electric points et 7856, There are two sets of points n set 7856, Ifyou want remote control for both you will need two 7863 sets

How do I light up Carriages and Locos?

Add the 12-volt electric lighting set 7861 to your electric trains, This set cannot be used With the 4-S-volt battery trains

‘Can I buy extra track?

YES, Fora battery system add straight track 7850 or curved track 7851. For an electric

system you need these plus packs of conductor rails 7854 (straight) 7855 (curved). Points and crossings are not

interchangeable between battery andelectric systems, 80 check the Battery or Electric symbols on these packs to make sure you buy the right ones.

How doImotorisethe Train Set without motor No. 7710?

For battery power, add 4:5-volt battery motor No. 107 (N.B. Signals and a special battery tender can also be added, available direct from the LEGO Spares Service. See LEGO leaflet for details). For electric power, ‘add 12-volt electric motor No. 7865.


LEGO railways,coming soon


A F ‘gond— Marin aes + vréen— An oer Enpuree“tiurods NerearSFret Toe Teme lenieg Ate Rays Toe Eran Gaerne Rane cp eee ose Enea Nver ayaa, ‘Ones Toy Cee ‘Altrincham Red Balloon Hobbies L alan Kesson ‘ThamePiod Pedaller saeieie rage Ss 2 cingion Sis Teeter ‘tres Bros cafe Uanetr—spnin ey, Tensape Wete—Gumlys

Seg he B EneterP.J, Hawkes aan (Oldham . ‘esniagon Toe js Tey Cee v Batt _ se Ninn, ou tonsa Gio 3—Worricker nofields ‘Oxford—Oxford Drug Upminste a Barnsley—Britons Farcham—Oamleys Lewisham—Chicsmans « Upminster—Roomes Stores Semaapc Cas brs iseasny Rois Balog itd, Taped Ton Deen Sees: 6 aS atte To. tata Se ere Stok eae pee) Westies Bathgate—T.C.C. Centre ‘London Wi—Sellridges, Waltham Cross—Fishpools Beewick—Botder Series a “amleys Walthamstow Arnolds cy ee songbooks Grain nega facta ‘un Fie Coop Wale eG ie Tos Trusts _Gealaiey= clon Dep soe munspe deere caret en Dour wenere to: recess Gat Grm Tos tee re” Midget ABC OMe Sieetaar"Aboon ierhan”Coopes Jeans ‘Bodmin—Bricknell Toy Cabin Ryde—Stocks ate ease, ene cao os Wes Hey Hone Intoe Abia ton oy Pardes 5 doin Some Wace atid oD, Fyre MESS Samco ciseey Any ence ee Cereal ewes rae ony stems Meng Tres eee Vee, Eas seoiiecreaeg es Sen og ilo cry eBay oes ae Wau caaen st MB Damon Mater cyt eee arieeeee SSesonen Wenham Raps Boeke My Ya Seer nee oars Satoary oan Bernham on Sea—Hurey Bisoers ‘este ew cr log tts Searboroep— Bury St Edna —Brdon ee “si Ya ey ay ang Walkers 2 oe ee sats ean mera Feeleiad (Se: 3 in simile ose ‘edous Monta Mol Cambridge—Townsends Haslemere ont So Camden Town Model Makers gerne cons eee Fry eee vend Chas clint Re To Bangor Seve ier Canterbury —Barretis Heswall—Keighleys Bort Coa (Cardit—David Morgans Hoddesdon Guy Cases eet oH eaten ieee est SS sete fe omings ee Chatham—D & A Toys Huddersfield Kayes Taton—Luton Co-Op gay QR, TOPS Fredetck Moms Toy sr tat Speneat & ata a re eal ete seunpe Toy Coawe fear


a Mastone Camis lavernes—Tay Cee Manchest Mie, See Gaee a Wii & rin eto ee Strep Dade Arotis, Swiss

‘Coventry—Barnbys Everyboddies Hobbies List Ine of Man-—Hereford Mann

Stirling Cradlecare sons

Melksham—Toy Shop Stockport—Vie Mores, Cork Kilgrews, Easons

ae 2 2 nome ee ae oer : Mace, Se ee : Me eee! oes ty —Comnes verre einen Se Nett meer on ae

Kitmarnock—Muirhead N Sutton Carles Siilorgan-—Nimble Fingers

Dunfermline. R, Co-op Neveastle—Fenwics, Swansea —Edershaws Wateror Darham—Boydels Boydelle Swindon Treats LAN Superstore


Here are just some of the special features which make the new LEGO Railways so attractive for train enthusiasts of 6-14 years. 1. Electric (12-volt) train, Cut away section shows imerior detail of driver's cab, All train sets come complete with figures, Battery train system also available— 4 Transformer gives variable speed needs no transformer. (Lid raised to show _ control batteries). Can be converted to electric system 5 Track is stable enough even to lay it desired ‘out on carpet, thanks to new 3 Controlpanctsforsignallighisandpointssimply _ecking clip on sleepers slip omto the new LEGO 12-volt Transformer 6 Complete your layout with 47864. Tsolating track halts trains automaticaly LEGOLAND , buildings to. set the

when signals set to red. scene,


CCockeral Aubyn Moe of Chichester is only 4 and “Cocker” is his

‘mother's name for this mo

Alubyn relus

‘onee of deuton

Salling Ship Sailing ships are quite popular models But ths one by ohn ines ty) of Eroydon ia panicslary good with its “ided”

\VB Engine Timothy Roberts of Leicester sent picture othisuperbracingcaraswellasthisdetaledclone-up {tthe VB engine rom under the bonmet, which looks very impressive,

nthe ereulor

otal what young to limit himself fo sloping bricks ony, shows 9 strong

North Sea Ol Rg Jetfory Rose of Hemel Hempstead] is [ahaa au f

tory boxes, ie very savance ‘ombere could build 8 simpler ver

‘Windmill We get quite 8 lot of windmill models makes thi specials not oni the ut the way thatthe sale can be

featherad to suit the wind, Vary clover. Ashley

‘Stockwell (13) of Suton built

"golden" Master Builder Badge goes shown here. If youhavea photograph of: become a Master Bullderif your model is

| Weather House An stactive model by M. Farwell of South Shields of ons of howe ila houses wnerea man comes out itis going to rain


each of the membs jodels are pecial model, senditin and youtoocould lowniinthe nextissue of Bricks ‘n Peces

Camera Crane Pater Blatchford (9) of Holmer Green has dad who is a cameraman So he wa fxpert advice fortis working made!

Space Ship Console James Wright (6) of

wentry plays

james with his Brother sa he Bull this impressive control panel a at se! t


[Nest Bax Thore's a nest box in the garden of Paul Brown 9) from Harpenden. Sohe bulte mode! oft, complete with these nicely observed blue tis

‘Sewing Machine David Melrose (@)) of Centerbury ‘made this neat litle modal of a sewing machine ‘Complete with» hinged foot peda.

Traction Engina This ing modal with ts working Steering andy wheels by Paultaines (3) of Plymouth

VALLE hh hh bhhhhhhhhdh

il Peasy

N May 7th the beautiful new

neadquarters for LEGO U.K, Ltd. at

Wrexham was officially opened. Goditfred Kirk Christiansen, the original inventor and owner of LEGO came specially from Denmark, But we also had the Mayor ‘of Wresham, the Lord Lieutenant of the County and the Danish Ambassador. Problem! Which of alll these important people should actually cut the ribbon to declare the new building officially “Open”?

We solved the problem by deciding that 1e mostimportant people to us were none of these dignitaries, but children. So we invited the nearby Junior School to provide a choir, their school orchestra and some dancers 10 perform which they did beautifully. The School also selected two of their youngest pupils, Abigail Teale and Sanjiv Ranjan, both 7, to perform the opening ceremony. So all the dignitaries lined up with 100 other guests and waited until a gleaming Rolls-

‘arrived. Out stepped Abigail and the stars of the day!

Helped by Mr. Christiansen, the two children cut the ribbon, the giant doors

[A lt oy for everyone, And an aforgtble, ons for ie “Abia and

Sanjiv—the day they rode in a driven Rolls-Royce, opened-a'new building and appeared on TV!

‘Today, we think of the name LEGO ss meaning plastic bricks so itis 2

bit ofa surprise to find that back

inthe 1930swhen the LEGO Sel Company was founded in

Denmark, LEGO stood for

‘wooden toys. Wooden animals

fn cars. And yes, ven wooden

bricks too.

‘The Company was founded by the local carpenter of Billond which was then tiny village, and it was not untl the early 1950s that the ‘carpenter's son, Godtfred. Kirk Christiansen. working with his father, invented the plastic building bricks we know today

But some things do not change, LEGO is still made in Billond and "G.K.C” still owns the Company. Of course the preset factory is colostal compared to the carpenters workshops of the 1930s, And Billind is now

‘opened to reveal the choir, orchestra.and) dancers while the flashsbulbyof all the press ent off and the TV cameras


‘Abigail and Sanjiv help Mr. Christiansen ("Mr. LEGO” himself) to cut the ribbon to open the sneWIBuilding for LEGO U.K. LTD.

Reminder Ous full postal address in our new offices is:

LEGO U:K. Ltd Ruthin Road Wrexham, Cluyd LL13 77

(Cee heh hh bhhhhhhhihla

‘This box of wooden “LEGO” bricks dates from 1948.

a thriving town with its own airport. Most important of all is the unchanging belief which GKC learned from his father, that only the best is good enough for children”.

Today, as in the 1930s, the name LEGO still has the same meaning for it eomes from the Danish words “leg godt” meaning “play well”, And literally millions of children all over the world would agree that is a very good name for their favourite toy.

Build your wayto DENMARK

In October this year we plan to hold the first ever National LEGO Building Competition—not just for Club Members but for evéryone. There will be hundreds of super prizes including top prizes of a visit to the LEGOLAND Park in Denmark. This will be the biggest event ever organised by LEGO U.K, and should be really fantastic with literally thousands of children taking part

Details are still being worked out but the scheme will be something like this: children will be invited to build a model from their ‘own LEGO collection at home and take itto any of the several hundred toy shops around the country who will put them on display. All ‘models will be judged in each shop and prizes given. Photographs of the winners’ models from each shop will be forwarded to us for further judging and the 200 best will be invited to take part in a great National Final—perhaps in a TV studio even! The winners of the Finals and a parent will get a flight to Denmark to see the fabulous LEGOLAND Leisure Park in Billund, the home of LEGO.

Allotof planning has yet to be done but full details will be announced in the TV Times of October 8th and in a number of children’s comics. So be sure and look out for these announcements.

Will the winners be Club Members? Who, can say? But Club President Clive Nicholls says he certainly expects so. “After all” he says “it stands to reason because our Club Members are the best LEGO builders in the land”


In the meantime, don’t forget to look for full details of how to enter which will be explained in the TV Times of October Sth. Models will be limited in size to a maximum, lof 25. 25 ems x 30 cms high to be fair to -those with smaller collections. So perhaps you could start thinking about what you will build when the time comes.




In the summer of 1980 the LEGO Company and UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund) launched a project for children in schools, playgroups and scout/guide groups, to help the children of Sudan,

With less than 10% of Sudanese children being vaccinated against disease such as measles, whooping cough, diphtheria, polio, tetanus and tuberculosis, over five million die from these diseases and many more are permanently disabled.

‘The project consisted of finding out and publicising the “Cold Chain" (the system of

cold storage and transport whereby badly needed vaccine is moved from Europe to village clinics in the Sudan) by building a model of the “Chain”, making a report on the need for vaccination in the Sudan, publicising the needs of the Sudanese children, and raising a target £20,000 to help UNICEF send more vaccine

Each project group that entered received some LEGO bricks to help with the model, information on the Sudan and the chance to center their report ina competition to win £250 for their school or scoutiguide group.

Twelve hundred schools and groups entered the scheme and the judging was completed in April 1981. Two groups were eligible for prizes: 5-11 years and 12-18 years; and after sorting through the many. excellent reports the winners were: 12-18 years (pictured) Flegg High School, Martham, Norfolk SII years Tth & 3rd Cub Scout Group, Trowbridge, Wiltshire Representatives from both winning groups travelled up to London on 15th June to be presented with their £250 cheques from LEGO by Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent, A memorable day forall concerned,

The code breakers

No less than 560 of you sent in correct answersshowing the complete “Buildacode” from the clues given in the Spring Bricks ‘n Pieces.

‘The first correct entry to be drawn out of the hat was from 7-year-old lan Dyke from Hassocks, so he earns the LEGO Set prize as, promised, plus our congratulations

Here is the complete Buildacode, Keep this handy so that you can decipher messages sent by other Members and the messages which we will print in the magazine.

Notice that the 10 stud wide letter in this, message istwo studs deep because there isno ottier LEGO brick that long. But the depth of

aa ,/ Cy dat) ° Ce, ° oa Dieses cy a! [3] wetceea ee [a ease » aT on) anne 1S ry 1s yom Jey vn Kenny —z ay i=


issue’s message toall Members from Club President Clive Nicholls. Can you work out what it says? (There are no prizes for this as it should be fairly easy now you have the key to the code).

the bricks does not matter, It is only their width that you read for the code message.

10, "SEA IMEr ZZ.

Monster Masks Have you ever thought of making a mask out of LEGO bricks which you could wear? That is the theme for this competition,

Send in photographs of yourself actually ‘wearing a mask you have made and there will be prizes fog the best entries from two age ‘groups, under 9 years and 9 and over so be Sure you put your age on you entry.

They should be really horrid. Have fun with fangs and squinty eyesand pointy noses, Something really shudder-making! But be careful, for LEGO bricks can be quite knobbly and sharp so take care not to hurt your face. The mask does not have to fit onto Your head, Just something to hold up in front Of your face will do so that it cannot bump ‘your nose or hurt you, But it must be really. really NASTY!

Send your photographs to “Monster Masks” LEGO U.K. Ltd., Wrexham, Clwyd, LL13 7TQ. Competition closes on 30th September.

Birthday Card Design Winners Our thanks to all those of you who sent in ideas for a Club birthday card in the competition announced in the Spring Bricks ’n Pieces, And congratulations to Tim Gardiner (6) of Ringmer and Lynn Coppel (14) of Little Baddow in Essex for their winning entries. Both will receive LEGO set prizes, Despite their very different ages both hada similar basic idea which we will adapt and use for our Club Birthday cards when we need to print more, later in the year.


Advance edition for Club Members

When the new LEGO Railway sets go into, the shops in August a super new Railways Ideas Book No. 7777 will be available—nearly 90 big, full colour pages packed with ideas for trains to build, detailed track layouts, trackside equipment, buildings, bridges ete.

By special arrangement with the printers, we have managed to secure 5,000 advance copies of this exciting book for Club Members. They are promised for July, so you could have your copy weeks before they reach the shops.

‘They will cost £1-70 each. This is not a special price because we sell all our Ideas Books at cost anyway, and have to allow for postage, but it does mean Club Members cam be the first in the country to get them.

You can order your copy on the Special Offer Order Form on the back page and we will post them on to you immediately they arrive in the Country in July. But remember, ‘we-could only get 5,000 advance copies so the first 5,000 orders received will be the ‘ones to get them,





(saving 20%)

We have put together a special pack consisting of the LEGOLAND Police Van set 6681, two straight road plates from pack 302 and the trees and flowers from pack 6305. Together, these would normally cost around £6:65 but we are offering them as a combined Police Road Block Set at the special Club Price of £5:30, including packing and postage, saving £1:35.

This offer is for a limited period only and closes on 31st August 1981,

Please write clearly and allow up to 28 days for delivery. Address your order to Club Special Offer, LEGO U.K. Ltd. Wrexham, Clywd, LL13 7TO


(1) Please send me... (aumber) of Police Road Block Sets at £5-30 each

(2) Please send me... . (number) of LEGO Railways Ideas Books No. 7777 as described ‘on page 7 at £1-70 each

‘A cheque for. ...... is enclosed.



Post Code

1 1 1 1 t t 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I t 1 1 1 1 aa 1 1 1

David Lyall, LEGO U:K.’s model designer, ig currently’ working on a big Peter Pan display for Lewis's of Blackpool throughout the summer.

‘When we photographed him, he had built Captain Hook and the crocodile but as Peter Pan was still in the design stage, we asked David himself to do battle with Captain Hook.

The crocodile, you may remember, is the only thing which really frightens the Wicked Captain Hook, so we got him on David Lyall’s side to help.

David Lyall Says... “Hello LEGO fans.

T'm lucky in having all the LEGO bricks 1 need to build big models like Captain Hook, but I have designed a small Ornamental Cat which you may like to copy.

think you can see how to build the body from the picture but the head is a bit more tricky so I have shown how to do that stage by stage.



‘You may not have exactly the same bricks asThave used, but am sure youcan adoptthe design to suit the bricks in your collection,

‘Your Ornamental Cat may turn out a bit different from mine, but perhapshe'llbeeven, nicer. He would look good in red or blue too.

Either way, he should look rather smart siging on the mante-pece for people to

‘You might even have enough bricks to make a matched pair, like those china cats you sometimes see in antique shops.

‘That would look really great.

Anyway, have fun.”